January 2, 2014 - Pikeur Irina Competition Jacket in Bronze - Dressage Legal?

Last October I spotted a professional wearing this jacket at a (rated) dressage show in the northeast and I immediately put it on my wish list!  The coat is a nice lightweight (i.e. Florida heat tolerable) with unusual details like the rhinestone Pikeur crown on the sleeve.  

I found a good price on the jacket from a retailer in the UK who reportedly sells Pikeur samples (check out her eBay.uk shop - just search username hvs405.  Anyway, after purchasing the coat and having it perfectly altered to fit, I began to wonder if wearing it would violate the USEF dressage apparel rules.  Hmmmmm.  Although the coat is labeled "bronze" (also available in black), the color is actually a sort of light khaki color.

I'll go into the rules in greater detail in a later post, but essentially coat color must meet a particular "value", i.e. colors must be a particular measure of darkness versus brightness.  I found out the person to speak to regarding this stuff is Hallye Griffin, Director of Dressage, National Programs.  I emailed Hallye and she in turn checked in with a few TD (Technical Delegates) on the dressage committee and responded that the jacket appears to be legal and within the FEI color scale.  So super - the color options appear to be quite vast!  

What do you think of this jacket and, in particular, what color horse you think it would look best on?