So What is this SHADBELLY Blog Anyway?

The SHADBELLY blog is like shopping with a group of your best horsey friends in Wellington or at Devon, only better!  If you haven't really explored blogging, by all means JUMP IN!  A lot of people think "Blogging takes up too much time".  Au contraire!  Trust me - following blogs that are pertinent to you is a SUPER EFFICIENT way to to get what you want.  Blogs are a FAR SUPERIOR medium for organizing information.  For example, interested in a specific brand like "Animo".  Just type ANIMO into the search box on the home page of SHADBELLY and you can read every post we've done that feature Animo products and the comments from readers too.  Ever tried looking for something on Facebook?  Yep, shoot yourself.  Blogging is the way to go.  

The SHADBELLY Blog:  One of Life's Simple Pleasures

The SHADBELLY Blog:  One of Life's Simple Pleasures

Following SHADBELLY is Easy

No time to "blog", you've got horses to ride - right?  

Don't worry.  We've made following SHADBELLY super easy.  Choose from a bunch of simple ways to keep up with the latest style buzz:


"Like" the SHADBELLY page on Facebook, and you may receive notice of new blog posts.  I use Facebook only because I know so many of the dressage obsessed use Facebook as their exclusive social media (which is a bummer because I find that Facebook is not the best interface for much of anything and I hate how the SAME stuff comes up OVER and OVER again in my News Feed.  And there is no guarantee that you will be notified of new SHADBELLY stuff on Facebook because they use an algorithm to decide what you should see and what you should not and it's mostly based on who pays for Facebook promotions and advertising. So I consider Facebook better than nothing...but not by much.


It's easy to keep up with the latest from SHADBELLY other sites.  Check out ShadbellyStyle on Pinterest and scroll through thousands of great images of everything from show coat details to fabulous barn designs.  "Follow" our SHADBELLY the Blog board and you'll be updated (via Pinterest) on new blog posts.

Anybody out there Tweet?  We don't know, but the SHADBELLY blog automatically tweets links to new posts.  Just "follow" us at @shadbellystyle on Twitter.

Prefer to just get an email newsletter from SHADBELLY periodically?  No problem!  Just sign up here:


I've found that the easiest way to follow blogs is the site (or App) called "Bloglovin".  Bloglovin logs new posts from your favorite blogs in sequential order, like a Facebook feed, but WAY better.  With Bloglovin, you can keep up with your favorite blogs through just one beautifully organized website.  

Just click on the link below to get started with Bloglovin and add SHADBELLY to your list.  Trust me - it's totally worth it.

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Perfect.  You're all set.