Trends for Chestnuts


Ok, you knew it when you got your chestnut that some things were not going to be easy.  Take heart, gentle readers, and embrace the possibilities to bring out the best in your equine redhead.

1.  Brown Tack - Wait, wait, don't panic.  We are not suggesting all owners of chestnut dressage horses should immediately run out and buy all new tack!  But if you think the bold contrast of black looks harsh against your horses coat, consider making the change organically - as items wear out, or as you upgrade to a double-bridle.  We know it's considered a faux pas by some to mix black and brown tack, but heck, if Tina Konyot can do it and ride in the Olympics...


2.  Think Earth Tones for Coat/Shadbelly.  Rich browns are available in items like the Kingsland Dressage Coat (color "Turkish Coffee"- love that), the Animo Lagos shadbelly (color "wood"), and the Equiline Cadence shadbelly (in "brown" - hmmm less imaginative marketing team apparently).

3.  Pop of (the Right) Color.  Want to have a little fun with your browband and shad points?  Consider adding a few emerald green stones to your browband and stock pin, or (and I know this sounds like it's way out there - but work with me) a deep jewel purple accent.  Fashion color theory suggests that yellow is not typically a good choice for bright chestnuts, so consider trading in those standard points for something a little more fun.  

Check our Shadbelly Style on Pinterest for lots of ideas on what works with chestnuts.