So What IS this SHADBELLY Blog Anyway?

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Here Comes the Sun:  A Dressage Rider's Guide to Performance Eyewear

So where'd you get those peeps you rode in last summer? TJ Maxx? The corner gas station? The sidewalks of NYC?

At SHADBELLY, we think it's time to get serious about equestrian eyewear. Ever wonder why even finding eye protection that is safe and suitable for equestrian use is such a challenge? It's a dirty little secret that 80% of the world's major eyewear brands, including some of the major sport lines, are controlled by one company, Luxottica. So what does that mean for us as consumers? Stagnant technology and shallow product offerings. Essentially we're buying the same lame sunglasses over and over, just stamped with a different label and a flash of bling ... kerching.

So when we discovered PeakVision, a boutique, high performance sunglasses company based right in the winter equestrian heartland of Florida, we jumped at the chance to put their specs to the test ..... read more.